About Wholehearted Ink

Who are we and where did WHI come  from?

Bridgett & Saralyn are your average couple of women who started from the bottom (now we here). We have dreams, aspirations, ambitions and deeply instilled motivations to create. Bridgett’s whole life was turned upside down after falling 30 feet onto concrete in 2009 and becoming permanently disabled. Instead of allowing life circumstances to keep her down, she adopted the mentality of pushing through fear and adversity. Wholehearted Ink was born in 2015 from the mixture of a lost dream of having a business to call her own, a long-time fascination with customized apparel, and the inability to return to the working world she once knew.

Saralyn came into the picture at the beginning of 2019 without any intention of taking part in Wholehearted Ink. In fact, all facets of our relationship were a beautiful accident. It just so happens that she has years of experience in business development, and a creatively fertile mind where ideas come to flourish.

Wholehearted Ink is a direct expression of who we are and how we live. You will find a large assortment of home grown designs that are a direct reflection of our very lives. We have incorporated the pieces of who we are into the customized apparel we offer. Laughter is the cornerstone of our relationship; therefore, it is emphasized and woven into many of our designs. As two women in recovery, we proudly offer apparel geared toward spiritual living. Last but not least, as two proud members and supporters of the LGBT community, we offer apparel to loudly and proudly (and humorously) be who you are.

We take pride in creating high-quality customized apparel at a reasonable price for our customers. Although we are local to Las Vegas, we have the opportunity of working with businesses and individuals throughout the country. We find pleasure in giving back to the community of Las Vegas and other communities at large. Our utmost goal is to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

Where ever you may be in your journey with customized apparel, Wholehearted Ink will be proud wholeheartedly work on your behalf.  With effort and commitment, we are all capable of turning our lost dreams into a shining reality. Create, laugh, and explore with us today!

Registered Vendor with NA® World Services