Quarantine Collection

Howdy, folks.

It has been several months since we've updated the blog, and what a wild ride this last few months have been! As our world moves through the pandemic and crisis of COVID-19, we want to share our pain, growth and encouragement to unite us all!

We are blessed that business has continued flowing regardless of the current state of the world. It helps minimize the 'cabin fever' by staying busy with work! This has been a time full of opportunities to practice kindness, empathy, patience, compassion and tolerance. Bridgett proposed in January, and our wedding planning was coming along smoothly until this pandemic was unleashed. Our plans have changed with the decision to postpone our wedding celebration and honeymoon until Spring of 2021. The looming feeling of defeat and discouragement set in, yet relief is present as well. We certainly won't have to spend a large sum of money this year, which helps ease the financial impact brought on by COVID-19.

We have many friends and family who are suffering. What a truly powerless feeling, to observe the suffering of our loved ones from a distance, and not have much of an ability to lend a helping hand. One of the greatest values that both Bridgett & myself (Saralyn) share is the ability to serve others. 

So, we put our heads together on a regular basis, and realize there is a demand for masks. Customized, humorous masks are a way to express oneself while still respecting the strong recommendations of the CDC & WHO.

Beginning today, you will receive a FREE face mask with ANY purchase. Keep in mind, we have a limited supply of masks. Once they're gone, they're gone! You will find a variety of face masks in our new Quarantine collection!

This unprecedented time is not a laughing matter, and at the same time, we truly believe humor can bring great joy during this trying time. Laugh with us! Post a photo on Facebook or Instagram wearing your customized mask, and don't forget to tag @wholeheartedinklv in the post for your chance to win a COVID-19 inspired freebie tee! We will be choosing the winner from a random drawing on June 15th.

If Wholehearted Ink can contribute even a fraction of joy into your day with a smile or laugh, that makes this isolation much more bearable. The monotony of daily living can be so dull & dreary. Let us help you liven things up, and in turn help others by paying the laughter forward!